Caring for leather

Caring for leather

Caring for leather

Our leather goods are made from vegetable-tanned leather that will age over time and develop a unique patina. Leather is a natural material which may show variations in colour and other minor imperfections. To keep your leather in shape, it is advisable to occasionally apply some leather conditioner, preferably one made from natural ingredients, such as beeswax.

We advise every now and then adding a bit of natural leather wax to the collar or lead to help keep the leather clean and supple. To apply the wax, it’s a good idea to use a microfibre cloth to prevent any scratching.

Exposure to some water is not a problem, but we advise you avoid submerging your leather items in water. Doing so may lead to them becoming brittle, and even snapping. If your dog(s) like to go swimming, we recommend taking their collar and / or harness off before they go in.

Keep vegetable tanned leather away from water for at least the first month or so of use, as this will allow the leather fibres time to soften and absorb oils, which will increase its natural water resistance.

The fibres will react to water by stiffening and shrinking. Never put the wet collar on a direct heat source to dry, as this will weaken and crack the leather and lead to it tearing. Instead, leave the collar to dry naturally.

As our collars are made of natural leather, we do not advise them being worn if your dog is a regular swimmer, as this will significantly shorten the lifespan of the collar.